Iranian Saffron Spice Guide and How to Buy It

Iranian saffron

Iranian saffron spice is used to treat around 90 illnesses for the past 4,000 years. At present, The Iranian saffron is widely used as a spice for adding an aromatic flavor to dishes. 95% of the world’s saffron comes from Iran. It has traditionally been grown in Khorasan, an area in north-eastern Iran (about the size of England) with ideal soil and climate conditions for the crop. Saffron is a valuable spice originating in the “Mede” era of Zagros Mountains. Saffron, which takes a lot of work to produce, It is a tiny part of the Crocus Sativus Lineas plant.

Iranian Saffron Spice Production

Every day during one-month harvest season, which begins in mid-October, over four hundred thousand people in southern Khorasan get up before dawn to go to the fields and select the beautiful delicate lilac flowers that bloomed overnight. Before being exposed to too much sunshine, they must be selected. They then transport the flowers to the processing areas in wicker baskets where the stigmata are patiently removed by hand.

The next step is to toast the stigma gently before testing, sorting, packaging and sealing, to ensure that the full, unique and exquisite flavor, aroma and color of this “vegetable gold” reaches the consumer.

Iranian Saffron Threads

1)     Saffron threads (filaments) are all vibrant crimson with a slightly lighter orange- red color on the tips. This shows it’s not a cheap saffron but was tinted red to look costly.

2)     The aroma is fresh and strong.

3)     No ruptured debris at the bottom of the container.

4)     No other parts of yellow or white plants mixed with red threads to buy.

5)     Saffron threads are dry and delicate to the touch.

Where does Iranian Saffron Spice come from?

Saffron comes from the province of Khorasan, Iran’s world saffron capital. The Iranian saffron supplier has maintained its distinctive qualities compared to those produced by different suppliers from Iran because of its long experience in cultivation and transferring growing and harvesting methods from generation to generation.

Types of Iranian Saffron Spices

There are various types of saffron with different prices on the market. Several Iranian saffron companies supply saffron in different types, including Sargol (All- Red Saffron), Poushal and Dasteh. This classification is based on the fact that the final product contains which part of the saffron strands. Our purpose in the term “saffron types” is therefore not related to companies or places of production. However, it is related to the red and white part of the product’s saffron strands.

Similarly, The classification of saffron in Iran includes three main types and other types are usually special cases of this type.

You should also know first that the terms “stigma” and “style” are related to the red and white part of the saffron strand.

How to Buy Iranian Saffron

Before you buy , pay attention to the quality of Iranian saffron and choose the right stock for your purchase. below, Read to learn some important tips on how to buy Iranian saffron.

Here are important tips that can be helpful when buying the Iranian Saffron spice.

1. Consider Color Strength

Before you buy, you must check the color strength of the spices. aroma, flavor and yellow coloring depends heavily on the item’s color strength. The standard color strength for saffron should be at least 190 degrees, according to the International Standard Organization (ISO). If you are a buyer for the first time, also note that the color strength of the condiment is usually marked on the package.

2. Choose between Power and Threads

You can buy Iranian saffron either in the form of power or thread. The thread form is a better choice because they can store it for a long time. However, it is essential to note that you should use sealed container and store it a safe place is away from light to preserve the flavor. Threaded saffron rate is much less than powered saffron. It is also a good idea to equate prices of the two types saffron before you buy.

3. Check out the Color of Saffron

High-quality come in a bright red color. However, there are few times when the product might look red but you might not be sure about the quality. Some of saffron threads are dyed. To identify high-quality products, look at the end of each saffron thread.  Overall, The high quality saffron usually comes with slightly faded colour towards the end. So, it is better to avoid saffron threads that come with even colors throughout.

You can also purchase organic Iranian saffron, which is good in quality. You should purchase saffron from a reputable store. It can be a good choice to buy from ethnic or online saffron spice stores. If you buy online, ask before you buy about the store’s reputation and background.

Finally, The online saffron spice store is the perfect place to buy saffron at affordable prices online. This stores directly imports saffron from Spain. So that You can purchase quality Iranian saffron in any quantity, ranging from one gram to 28 gm, according to your requirements.

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