Kiss Day- Types of zodiac valentine Kisses

Kiss day valentines kisses
lovers day valentine kiss

Kiss Day is a special day in the entire Valentine’s Week that is being eagerly awaited by couples all over the world. On this day the accoupler (Mates in French) showcases their love and passion towards their partner through their kisses. While some desire to take it slow and steady, others like it to be wet and wild.

know what your partner prefers.  Go through your partner’s kissing style through their Zodiac Sign and surprise them in their own unique style.

Aries – The Passionate & Quick Kisser

The kisses of an Arian lover are full of lust, intimacy and passion. Not many zodiacs can satisfy you better than the Arians or make it hotter. However, Their kisses end as fast as they begin. So make sure you stick and don’t let them escape.

Taurus – The Gentle & Loving Kisser

Taureans lovers express their emotions and their feelings with gentle, tender and loving kisses. . They make you feel loved and forget about all your life concerns. When you kiss a Taurean, you feel very special and in complete harmony.

Gemini – The Quirky & Surprising Kisser

Gemini is a very quirky and surprising kisser. During a kiss, you never know what to expect of a Gemini. At one point, they may become serious or make a funny remark at the next. Also of serious concern is their lack of intimacy during a kiss.

Cancer – The Dreamy & Fantasy Kisser

Cancerians have the ability to take you through their kisses to an entirely new level. But first they have to be pampered and satisfied by their dreamy kisses to bring you back to a fantasy land.

Leo – The Fiery & Wild Kisser

The Leos are quite fiery, wild and unlimited, but in their kisses they are still quite generous. They certainly make you feel loved, but it is a big task to get them to commit. If you want to woo them, put everything you have in your kisses, but never try to overpower them.

Virgo – The Unique & Insecure Kisser

When it comes to kissing, the Virgos are unique among the zodiacs. Their kissing style is unique because at the same time they try to be subtle, romantic and surprising. While kissing, it shows their insecurity which is not actually required.

Libra – The Apprehensive & Panicky Kisser

Librans are the kinds of kisser who are very worried and panicful when they kiss. Instead of kissing their partner and enjoying the moment, they worry about inconsistent factors such as their breath or expressions.

Scorpio – The Irresistible & Soulful Kisser

Scorpions are people with hard – to – resist kisses. They’re celestial and soulful too. They put all their passion into their kisses and completely satisfy you. Sometimes while kissing, however, they seem to wander to different dimensions.

Sagittarius – The Unpredictable & Moody Kisser

Sagittarian’s kisses are completely unpredictable and spontaneous. Their kisses depend on their fluctuating mood and their timing and frequency can not be determined. And the best part is that you always want more.

Capricorn – The Intimate & Lingering Kisser

Capricorns are the types whose kisses are very intimate and last longer. Being intimate with your partner through your kisses is your unique way to get rid of your life’s concerns. And their partner also feels relaxed.

Aquarius – The Sensitive & Choosy Kisser

Aquarians are one of all the zodiac signs ‘ most sensitive kissers. And they’re also highly selective. You only have the privilege to kiss an aquariun if you manage emotionally to connect with them. Moreover, they don’t shy away!

Pisces – The Slow & Rewarding Kisser

When it comes to kissing, Piscean are not someone who takes initiatives. They prefer to take the lead and stimulate their partner. But once it’s on, there’s no stopping the Piscean who’ll take you through their kisses through a rewarding joyride.

Lovers Day Priya Prakash Varrier and Roshan Kiss

valuable Suggestion For Kiss Day

Remember,  It’s not always important to be a rich guy to enjoy this special feeling of love, especially during the week of Valentine. By planning to celebrate it with your loved ones at home, you can enjoy the kiss day in a simple and sober way.

On Kiss day when he / she enters the house, welcomes her with a gentle kiss on her forehead and offers her a glass of red wine. You can also plan to cook with your partner some delicious dishes that will be fun to spend together.

Finally, The celebrations of Valentine are just for expressing your love to your partner in the most romantic way and make them feel that you care. The best way is to keep it simple and then express your love to your partner. Don’t miss any of the ingredients of love that can transform your relationship magically.

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